Let’s get started on your screen-print order

From the simple to the spectacular, the Shirt Family produces amazing screen-printed work on all kinds of apparel. Even if you’ve never ordered screen-printed apparel before, we’ll make it easy for you, and help is always just a toll-free call away. Get started by calling us at 1-740-706-1284.

Step 1:  Pick your item, quantity, and colors

First decide what kind of item you want. T-shirt? Hoodie? Tote bag? Shorts? Polo? Or something else? Tell us about your needs, and we’ll even help you choose.

How many do you need and in what sizes? If you’re not sure how to specify a size run, our associates can help you figure out what will work best, based on years’ of experience working with clubs, schools, companies and events.

Choose from an array of item colors. Note that the colors available will depend on the brand and item you want.

Step 2:  Decide how many colors in your message and artwork

Next, how many ink colors do want for your message? Multiple colors produce some amazing effects, but remember, each ink color adds to the total price.

Now, how many places on your item do you want artwork to appear? Front, back, a sleeve, hood, or collar. Our associates can work with you and your budget to determine where to place your message for maximum impact.

Step 3:  Add stock or custom artwork, or your logo

Put text and images together for the artwork that sends your message your way.

  • Already have a logo and design?
    Send your art files to molly@shirtfamily.com. Vector files (Adobe Illustrator – .ai or .eps) work best. You can also send Adobe Photoshop (.psd) files, or high-resolution raster files such as .jpg or .png formats.
  • Start with one of our stock pieces and customize
    We offer a wide range of stock art that’s ideal for schools and clubs. Gallery coming soon on our site so you can see how easy it is to customize stock art.
  • Explore ideas and grab an image from our clip art gallery
    Visit www.yourartpages.com for thousands of ideas. Tell us the file name and we’ll take care of downloading and adding to your artwork.
  • Work with our designer to create a completely new design
    Sometimes, only a completely new and original design will do. Rely on our modestly priced Creative Design Services to put together a design that is as unique as your organization. We’ll be putting some of his best designs together in a gallery for you to browse soon!

Step 4:  Submit the order and approve the proof

All the hard work is done! Now that you made your choices, just tell our associate to submit the order. We’ll send you a proof via email or fax to make sure it looks jus the way you want. Let us know that you approve the item and we’ll get to work.

Step 5:  Relax and wait for your order to arrive

In almost no time, your order will arrive, and you’re ready to go. Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and we’ll ship anywhere in the continental US for a mere $10. Any questions about your order, status or payment terms, feel free to contact us!